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The video above should have got you drawling at the mouth for this bot! 🙂

The aim of the bot:

The focus of the bot is to gain you followers on twitter that are ACTIVE, ENGAGING, AND ARE BUYERS.

How do we get the job done:

First of all, you put together a list of other EW account URLs (see the video for details) the bot will then use this list to scape the users latest tweets.

The next module of the bot will then take these latest tweets and scrape the usernames of people that have liked, retweeted and commented on the tweet (these will be engaged twitter men that of course are in the market to buy nudes and video.

The next module is the cleaning room, here you can make sure that the latest usernames you have scraped have not been seen\used before… making sure the people you follow are fresh!

The last module is the human emulation follow module, the bot will act like a human user (to fly under the twitter ban radar) and start following these users, as these people are proven to be engagers you can be sure a huge percentage will follow you back.

All that is left for you to do now is make the sale!

  • Scrape Tweets of other EW twitter accounts.
  • Scrape all engaging people that have liked, retweeted and commented on their tweets.
  • Clean the usernames to make sure your lists of users to follow are fresh and not been seen before.
  • Use the following module to follow these highly engaged users.
  • The bot uses human emulation to fly under the radar
  • You can schedule to run at set hours, days, weeks, month (for when your away)
  • Runs on autopilot get highly engaged followers
  • Comes with lifetime automatic updates
  • Includes as much time with me as needed to get you up and running


Coming soon.

  1. Auto tweet module (set times of the day to post your tweets)
  2. Real-time scanner.. follow targeted people the second they show any interest in other EW profiles
  3. Multi-account function


PRICE = $60

Payments accepted bitcoin (discount offered), Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo

the price is a onetime fee, all bots are updated regularly (this is done automatically no need to re-download anything, the price also includes as much time with me as you need to get set up and running.

If you have any questions or to make a purchase simply contact me via any of the details below. I am looking forward to helping you bring in more traffic and sales!





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